Small pulse bag type dust collector


  • Dust emission concentration ≤50mg/m3
  • Dust removal efficiency ≥99.5%
  • The catch rate of each dust point is ≥95%
  • Fan noise ≤85 dB

Process and description of dust removal system

  • The dust at the dust point is treated and discharged up to the standard. This scheme designs a set of bag dust removal system covering the dust and other dust-containing gas generated by the drying equipment to be trapped by each dust collector, and under the negative pressure of the main fan, from each dust removal branch The pipelines are merged into the main pipeline, then into the bag filter for dust filtration, and finally discharged by the main fan and then into the smoke stack.

Equipment structure

  • Blow pipe: responsible for blowing diversion
  • Electromagnetic pulse valve: it is responsible for opening and closing of compressed air
  • Air bag : store compressed air.
  • Bag filter:core components for dust filtration
  • Dust removal mesh cage : support the dust bag filter.
  • Controller : responsible for controlling the opening and closing of compressed air and ash discharge system.
  • Conveyor belt airlock(electric airlock): the material in the dust remover is discharged continuously and timely.
  • Silencer : reduce motor noise emission.
  • Control electric box: control, start and stop equipment.
  • Fan machine : increase the gas pressure to discharge the gas.





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