Pulse Bag Type Dust Remover


  • Acceptance Index: Dust collection for each suction hood ≥90%
  • Collection Efficiency: ≥99.5%
  • Dust Emission Concentration: ≤50mg/m³
  • Ringelman Blackness: 1 degree

Product Introduction

The pulse cloth bag dust remover is a very widely used dust removal system, does not change the physical characteristics of dust at the same time, to ensure more ash removal, filter more fine, more convenient maintenance, has been use in all walks of life. Application in the dust gas purification and material recovery of metallurgy, woodworking, building materials, cement, machinery, chemical, electric power, light industry.

Pulse Bag Type Dust Remover

Working Principle

The dusty gas enters the cyclone dust collector after entering the main pipe from each dust remover branch pipe, after filtering out part of coarse particle dust then enters the inlet of the bag dust remover and enters the dust hopper from the air inlet of the dust remover, due to the gravity effect of the dust, coarse particles in the gravity effect directly fall into the hopper. The rest dusty gas is raised to the middle box through the guide plate and distributed in each filter bag evenly. At this time, the dust is blocked flow on the outer surface of the filter bag, after being filtered, the clean gas enters the upper chamber by the cloth bag pattern board, discharged by the exhaust pipe. When the dust on the outer surface of the filter bag thickness to a certain degree (set the time).pulse control device will send a signal to close the first chamber air inlet valve and blow device start to work. Compressed air is injected in to the filter bag from the nozzle on the pulse valve and blow pipe in a very short time sequence, make the filter bag vibrate, under the effect of the vibration, the dust attached to the outer surface of the filter bag breaks away and falls into the dust hopper. After the first chamber of the dust remover is finished, open the first chamber air inlet valve and close the second chamber air inlet valve, the first chamber join in the filtering work, the second chamber began to operate offline ash removal. This is done room by room, due to realized the offline ash removal, so improved the ash removal effect.





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