Refine Flux


  • Package: 2kg/Bag, 20kg/Box, or customer’s requirement
  • Storage: Stored in a cool dry place to prevent damp
  • Shelf Life: 12 months

Refining Flux

It is used for de-slagging and degassing of aluminium processing process, it can effectively play the role of purification and improve the purity of aluminium.

It composed by alkalis and chloride and fluoride, the main ingredients are KCL, NaCl, NaF.CaF, Na3A1F6, Na2SiF6 etc.


Fine white (gray) powder shaped, main components are chloride and villiaumite, and other chemical compound. Been heat and screen treatment, this product has even granularity, which is convenient for boiling kiln. Widely applied for the refining of casting Aluminum/Alloy in reverberatory furnace and holding furnace.

Use Method

Dosage suggested is 2-4kg per ton, When molten aluminum reaches 700- 740°C.put the flux into refining tank and cover it properly, turn on the switch of refining tank and connect nitrogen will spray the flux into molten aluminum twice averagely under the action of nitrogen or argon, make the nozzle close to the furnace bottom and stir evenly, keep the flux is well contacted with molten aluminum then use nitrogen or argon to refine 20 minutes in furnace bottom, when powder inside the tank is sprayed completely, first draw out the refining tube out of aluminum liquid, and then switch off nitrogen gas.

After physical and chemical function, many minute bubbles formed. The bubbles separate hydrogen atom and slag from molten aluminum. After that, the deslagging and purification completed.


1. Good Liquidity, good performance in deslagging and degassing.

2. Good purification, less pollution, less dosage, low cost.

3. Easy separation of aluminum and slag.





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