Three Heads Puller (Use for Over 800T-1500T Machine)


Main Features

The three-head pullers are designed with upper and lower two layers of four guides, composed by two set traction head and one set synchronization saw; the traction head is made of full aluminum, with light weight and flexible operation, to prevent the rapid traction of small materials in the extrusion stop because the traction head is too heavy, instant braking produces inertia to pull fine aluminium profiles; two sets of traction head with the same function are in exchange traction, no need to transfer action and improve the speed of return and traction speed.

Prevent vibration grain, prevent aluminum deformation, improve products production efficiency and yield.

It is easy to operate and can be learned quickly by workers who have never operated a puller before.

High control accuracy, the machine adopts high resolution Omron encoder to calculate the length. Easy to maintenance, external sensors are very few, reduce the incidence of failures.

The traction head and interrupt saw both use a sickle clip, suitable for all profiles.

The whole set of three-head puller can work 24 hours cycle without interruption. All actions of the puller are fully automatic, no manual operation, safe and reliable.





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